Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Unique and Personalized Gifts for Baby Girls & Boys

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your little baby, and realizing it is harder than you thought it would be? He or she is not old enough to play with many toys and there are only so many clothes that will fit in their dresser. What can you buy that is both useful and age-appropriate? Why not buy a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come? Just like photos, keepsakes can be a great way to relive happy family memories and will be cherished for generations.

We have come up with a list of our favorite baby gifts and keepsakes:

Kid’s Meal Plates: Kids love to eat their favorite food but always struggle with eating their veggies. Help your child become more excited about each meal with personalized meal plates. Each plate comes with a vibrant, design such as butterflies, airplanes or cupcakes; additionally having your child’s name on it will add a special touch. Our plates are made of ceramic or melamine, measure at about 8” or 10” and most are dishwasher safe. We also have personalized kids lunch boxes to make healthy eating enjoyable at school too.
personalized meal plates for kids

Christmas Ornaments: While Christmas ornaments can't be played with, they are still a great gift for small children. When your son or daughter grows up and has children of their own, they can share the stories of where and when each ornament was received. Parents can choose from baby, sports, or holiday themes for their monogrammed Christmas ornaments. Photo ornaments serve dual purpose as a Christmas ornament and shows how much the child has grown each year.

personalized christmas ornaments

Kid's Step Stools: Personalized step stools are wonderful for small children. Once kids learn to walk, they generally want to do everything for themselves. Step stools can foster this newly learned independence. With bright colors, their own names and personalized designs, girls or boys will love their step stool and will find more excuses to use it. A storage step stool can help teaching your children organization skills and a flip stool works great in a reading nook.
personalized puzzle step stool for children

Interactive Growth Charts: It always feels like that our kids grow up so fast. Keep track of your child’s growth (height and weight) by using a personalized growth chart with their name. You can mark milestones and exciting events such as when they lost a tooth. You can also add simple, happy notes such as “I love you” along with the measurement. When they are old enough, you could frame the growth chart as a new gift to them.
children's growth charts

Finding the right presents for your little girl or boy has never been easier. Combine fun and functionality into your gifts with a touch of personalization and your little ones will cherish them for years. We hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift for your child every time.

Tiny Keepsakes proudly offers a wide selection of personalized keepsakes for your child. We specialize in kid’s step stools that feature chalkboards, wooden letters, puzzles and more! We offer distinctive gifts for every stage of your child’s life, as well as gifts for parents so that they can appreciate every memory of their precious little ones.

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