Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Make Reading Fun for Kids

As an adult with a love for reading, you know that there is nothing better than cozying up with a good book to read. And would it not be great to instill that same love for reading in your child too. To get children excited about reading, you have to make it a fun process with incentives for completing certain tasks. Here are some great tips to make reading fun for kids:
  • Create a list of 5-10 books that you would like your child to read. Make a chart and mark their progress in reading. Seeing it visually helps them understand better. When they complete a task such as “finished 20 pages in a day” or “learned 2 new words with their meaning”, you could reward them with a gold star. Start with the My Name is… book where you can personalize the book’s dedication and story to make it special for your child. This nature story has bold visual imagery that allows your child’s name to pop off the page and takes them on a magical adventure.

  • Teach them life lessons & values through their books. For example, you can teach them to love the plant and how little things could make a difference in saving the planet. Our Save The Planet Name Storybook offers several ideas like not letting the water run when brushing their teeth to remembering to turn off the light switch.
  • We have seen that kids seem to enjoy stories that have an interesting leading character having a fun adventure. With that in mind who could be a better star of a story than your own child! With personalized storybooks, you can educate and entertain while hopefully instilling a love of reading in your child. A great example would be the magical story of Unicorn Name Storybook. It begins with your child awakening to find a magical unicorn named Misty. Misty befriends the child and takes him/her on a mystical journey filled with fun and beauty. What better adventure for a little girl or boy?
  • Read-Along books are perfect for kids who are just getting started with their reading. These books are highly interactive and help them learn faster. They could also read it aloud and tell you the story instead of you telling them. Our favorite is the Happy Birthday Storybook which is a mixture of birthday party fun and the joy of cake baking.  All about your little star, this personalized rhythmic book invites your child to read-along and learn in a simple language pattern. 

  • One of the main goals of inspiring the habit of reading is to help your child learn new things. And if you make that learning a fun experience, your kids will be hungry for more knowledge. A great way to incorporate that is with the Zoo Name Storybook that will take your child on a majestic zoo adventure. The animals challenge the child to find his or her name camouflaged in each setting. Your child will marvel at the magic these mammals possess and engage in the interactive fun.
  • Gift them a book as a reward for their chores or for good behavior.  You can encourage them to share the story they read with rest of the family. Let them know that they will earn a new reward for their efforts (which could be a book again).

There you have it. With these tips, you can make reading much more interesting and engaging for your child. So next time on their birthday or Christmas, give them a storybook instead of toys or video games. Make it extra special by personalizing the book and making your child the star of the story.

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