Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Best Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for the Kids

Valentine ’s Day is just around the corner. We have compiled a list from some of our favorite bloggers for cute craft projects to get you inspired and spend a lot of quality time with your kids and family.

  1. Heart Tic Tac Toe: Create a heart-shaped tic-tac-toe game that you can play as family on game night.  (Source)

  2. I love You Message using hand and foot print: Who doesn’t love a hand written love message. Make one with your kid’s heart and foot and send it to their grandparents. We are sure they will pin it on their fridge. (Source)

  3. Heart Bookmark: A quick and easy way DIY bookmarks with paint sample cards. They will be perfect for your child’s books too. (Source)

  4. Heart Garland: This fun curtain would complement any room décor and make it more festive. (Source) 

  5. Crayon Heart Sun Catcher: Just like the dream catchers, this sun catcher is sure to capture the warmth of the sun and bring a smile to your face. (Source)

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