Monday, September 16, 2013

7 Tips for Organizing Your Children's Room

Keeping your child’s room clean can be a constant struggle. The battle between parents and children on the tidiness of their rooms is one as old as rooms themselves. We understand this constant struggle and thus wanted to share some our ideas and tools that you could use to help your children keep their rooms nice and tidy. Follow these seven great tips for organizing your children’s room.

1. Work with Your Kids

Instead of organizing everything in your child’s room yourselves, you should work with your kids to organize the room and keep it clean. When you approach the process together, it will help your children to see the importance of keeping their room tidy. This approach allows you to become closer with your children as you spend time together and it will go a long way towards them keeping their rooms clean in the future.

2. Coat Racks

Kids start to mess their rooms up as soon as they enter them. This starts when they take off their coats and jackets, flinging them on the bed or on the floor. A great way to end this is to install a coat rack in your child’s room. Make it a fun coat rack with their name in bright colorful letters on it.

children's coat rack

3. Storage Step Stools

Most kid’s room have shelves that are usually hard to reach for young children. They tend to use this as an excuse for not putting their stuff in the specified place. If you give them a wooden step stool, they can reach the high places themselves and feel empowered. It also helps keep the rooms tidy and free of clutter. If you like to match the step stools to the room’s decor and give your kids more reason to use it, try buying a personalized step stool with storage where they can hide their treasures.

storage step stool for kids

4. Reading Spot and Entertainment Center

Kids love to read story books and comics. But before you realize, the books often end up piled all over their room. You can help them keep their books neat by installing a bookshelf and creating a reading spot for them in the room. Another favorite pastime for kids is playing video games on TV or the computer. By getting an entertainment center to store all the peripherals such as cords, games and other accessories, you can clear the room of the clutter and keep everything out of the way when not in use.

5. Toy Boxes

No child’s room is complete without a toy box. Pick out a big toy box for your child that can hold all of their toys and will discourage them to come up with an excuse for not keeping their toys in a single place. By getting a toy box with the child’s name painted on it, you make them take ownership of it. So the next time, your kid’s friend’s visit, they will proudly show off their personalized toy box filled with their toys.

kids toy box

6. Chore Charts

A great way to get your children to keep their room clean as well as performing their other chores is by getting fun and colorful chore chart. You can write up all their daily and weekly chores on the chart, and then they will make a mark when they complete the chore. A chore chart is a great way to motivate kids to keep their rooms clean. You just have to make sure that the cleaning of their rooms is a daily chore on the chart.

chore charts for kids

7. Removing Clutter

Kids are constantly getting new toys from their relatives and friends of the family. If you don't periodically take out some of the old ones, their rooms will soon become overrun with toys. Make sure to go through children's toys every few months to weed out the toys they no longer play with.

Here are our tips on how to organize your kid’s room. We would love to hear what has worked for you. Let us know below in the comment section.

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